Q in the UK and Ireland

Q-users in the UK and Ireland have established an informal network. The members (currently about 25 of us) range from experienced users to people who are new to Q. The group provides a way of getting together and talking Q in a supportive environment. Our meetings involve a pleasant blend of tea, Q and cakes. We had our first seminar (TQ1) on 3 December (hosted by John Bradley at Nottinghamshire County Council, Mansfield) and our second meeting (TQ2) on 1 February (hosted by Jean McCloud at Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham). br /> The seminars involve people presenting work in progress which is then discussed by the group, and also open sessions in which people can talk about whatever Q issues interest them. For example, TQ2 included a presentation by Suzanne Charles, a PhD student at the University of Wolverhampton, of her ongoing Q methodological study entitled “Changing Lives?: disabled students in higher education”, which led to interesting discussion about designing Q-samples. Later on, in an open session, Joy Coogan of the University of East London demonstrated how to deal with bi-polar factors using PQMethod.
We have a Google group set up to facilitate our networking and there has been talk on it recently of getting together for another seminar (TQ3). If you are interested in joining our group or attending TQ3 then please get in touch.

Tim Deignan

West Yorkshire