October 16-18, 1986

Columbia, Missouri

Thursday October 16, 1986

Afternoon and evening arrival at the Broadway Inn, downtown Columbia. A social will be held between 8-10pm at the Inn. Unless otherwise indicated, all other events will be held at the Forum, Gannett Hall, School of Journalism, University of Missouri.

Friday October 17, 1986

8:00 Registration and continental breakfast
8:45 Welcome
9:00 Morning Session
Quantum Theory of Advertising,  William Stephenson, University of Missouri (Emeritus)
2:00 Afternoon Session
Attitude Segmentation and Community Action: Communication Strategy for Sex Educatuib for the Retarded,  Charles Mauldin, Harte-Hanks Communcations, San Antonio
Seeking the “Uncommon” in a Sales Staff’s “Common Sense” Market Perceptions,  G. Norman Van Tubergen, University of Kentucky and Communication Research, Inc., Chicago
Implementation of Segmented Marketing Strategies Using Q Methodology,  Doran Levy, Market Structure Research, Minneapolis
6:30 Reception (Alumni Center)
7:30 Banquet.
Address: Beyond Behavior … Into Motivation, Elais H. Porter, President, Personal Strength Publishing, Pacific Palisades, CA

Saturday October 18, 1986

9:00 Morning Session
When Social Issues are Multiplexly Represented: Q Methodology, Social Policy and Participant Democracy,  Wendy Stainton Rogers, Open University; Rex Stainton Rogers, University of Reading; Ian Lowe, Griffith University and Celia Kitzinger, University of Leicester
Q Factors and Developmental Models: The Case of Changing Attitudes Towards War and Nuclear Weapons,  Brian D’Agostino, Columbia University
The Meaning of Politics: Beginning the Search Among College Students,  Joseph Koshansky, Centenary College of Louisiana
Subjectivity and the Policy Sciences,  Willaim Ascher, Duke University
Interbehavioral Psychology and Q Methodology,  Parker Lichtenstein, Denison University (Emeritus)
2:00 Afternoon Session
Storylistener Subjectivity in Response to Mark’s Passion-Resurrection Narrative, Kenneth Parker, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Philedelphia
A Subjective Scientific Investigation into Canadian Identity,  Ivan Emke, Carleton University; Irvin Goldman, University of Windsor
Are We All on One Factor? Q Methodologists’ Scientific Paradigms,  Sharon Yoder, University of Missouri; Donald J. Brenner, University of Missouri
Attitudes Toward the Accord: An Australian Study,  Darcy McDonell, Australian Narional University, Canberra
On the Varieties of Civil Religious Experience: Attitudinal Dimensions of Merging Religion and Politics,  Bruce F. McKeown, Seattle Pacific University; Dan B. Thomas, Wartburg College
Opinion Types on the Brazilian Party Left: A Q Methodological Study,  Patrick Peritore, University of Missouri