October 2-4, 2008

Hamilton, Ontario

Thursday – October 2nd, 2008

11:30-1:30 Registration for the Pre-Conference Workshop and General Registration
12:00-1:15 Albion B/C: Pre-Conference Workshop, Susan Ramlo, Joe Jurczyk
Determining perspectives and consensus using a mixed methodology: An introduction to Q-Methodology
1:30 Albion A: Welcome, Dr. Andrea Baumann
1:45-3:15 Albion A: Keynote, Peter Schmolck
Common and Specific Approaches in the Analysis of Q-Sort Data with PQMethod
3:15-3:30 Stretch Break
3:30-4:45  Concurrent Sessions
Albion A Albion B Albion C
Session 1: Politics & Journalism
Chair: James C. Rhoads
Session 2: Education I
Chair: Sue Ramlo
Session 3: Public Health & Policy I
Chair: Diane Montgomery
2008 Democratic Campaign: Perceptions of the Obama-Clinton Nomination Struggle

James C. Rhoads 1, Dennis F. Kinsey 2
1 Westminster College, United States;
2 Syracuse University, United States

Instructional Technology in Colleges of Education

Rob Bowe
National-Louis University, United States 

The Policy Choice of Privatization and Health Care: A Q-Methodology Study

David Randall
Kent State University, United States 

What Kind of Leaders Rule Kazakhstan? Political Leadership Style in the Eyes of Kazakh Citizens

Almaz Tolymbek
Independent Scholar, United States 

Academic Achievement and Dropout Perceptions of Mexican-Descent Middle and High School Students: A Q-Methodology Study

Kathryn G. Swetnam
Walden University, United States 

Perceptions of Need and Family Functioning for Individuals Seeking Mental Health

J. William Hitchcock, Diane Montgomery
Oklahoma State University, United States 

“Death of a President”: Understandings of a Political Film

James C. Rhoads
Westminster College, United States 

Beliefs about Teaching and Learning a Foreign Language: a Q-Study

Maria Carmen Khnychala Cunha
Universidade Federal de Uberlandia, Brazil 

Extending Situational Theory to Internal Publics: Q-Methodology Within a Strategic Management Process

Justin Guild
Ball State University, United States

6:00 Reception at the Convention Centre (Rm 314)

Friday – October 3rd, 2008

8:30-10:00 Plenary Session 1: One Q-set, ten countries, two data collection methods: Challenges and results from a European study of health care priority setting

Baker R M 1, van Exel N J A 2, Mason H 1, Brouwer W 2, Donaldson C 1
1 Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University, UK.; 2 Department of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

10:00-10:15 Break
10:15-11:55 Concurrent Sessions
Albion A Albion B Albion C
Session 4: Q & Communications I
Chair: Eleanor Allgood
Session 5: Education II
Chair: Pamela Baxter
Session 6: Q-Issues
Chair: Byung Lee
A Study on the Uses of VOD among IPTC Subscribers

Hung Kyu Kim, Yong Phil Yoon
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea 

Student Perspectives on Learning Physics and Their Relationship with Learning Force and Motion Concepts: A Study using Q-Methodology

Susan E. Ramlo
University of Akron, United States 

A Study on the Factors of Professionalism of Mental Health Social Workers in Korea

Inn Kyung Ahn
Yonsei University 

The Role of Knowledge and Deliberation in the Adoption of Local Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management

Sandra Rodriguez-Piñeros, Will Focht, Diane Montgomery, and David Lewis
Oklahoma State University, United States 

Addendum to Evaluating Learning in a Group Relations Conference in the Tavistock Tradition

Robert M. Lipgar
University of Chicago, United States 

Concourse is to Q-Sort as Subjectivity is to What?

Amanda Wolf
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 

Patterns of Perceived Cues in Detecting Deception

Sinuk Kang, Chung Joo Chung
State University of New York at Buffalo, United States 

Q-Methodology to Explore Faculty Perceptions of Simulation in Nursing Education

Ruta Valaitis, Noori Akhtar-Danesh, Pamela Baxter
McMaster University, Canada 

Reconciliation of Free and Forced Distribution in Q-Sorting

Byung Lee
Elon University, United States

The Subjective Experience of the Will in Making Lifestyle Changes

Eleanor Allgood, Catherine Comuzzi, Ragnvald Kvalsund
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway 

Q-Methodology to Explore Student Perceptions of Simulation in Undergraduate Nursing Education

Pamela Baxter, Noori Akhtar-Danesh, Ruta Valaitis
McMaster University, Canada 

Using Qualitative Findings to Deepen Factor Interpretation

Garrett Hutson 1, Diane Montgomery 2
1 Brock University, Canada;
2 Oklahoma State University, United States

12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:40 Concurrent Sessions
Albion A Albion B Albion C
Session 7: Perceptions & Views I
Chair: Virginia Gravina
Session 8: Public Health & Policy II
Chair: Amy Hogan
Session 9: Miscellaneous I
Chair: Arlene Arstad Thorsen
Application of Q-Methodology to Examine American and International Faculty Perceptions about Academic Socialization

Susan Mathew, Diane Montgomery
Oklahoma State University, United States 

Exploring Deliberative Quality using Q-Methodology: The Case of the BC Biobank Deliberation

David M. Secko 1, Simon Niemeyer 2, David Hartell 3, Kieran O’Doherty 3
1 Concordia University, Canada;  2 Australian National University, Australia;  3 University of British Colombia, Canada 

Barack Obama in the American Mind: Contending Narratives and the Quest for Authenticity

Dan Thomas 1, Larry Baas 2
1Wartburg College, United States; 2Valparaiso University

Perspectives on Water Management in Gibsons, British Colombia

Vicky Weekes, Murray B. Rutherford
Simon Fraser University, Canada 

Q-Methodology as a Strategy to Evaluate an Online Community of Practice for Street and Outreach Nurses

Ruta Valaitis, Dyanne Semogas, Noori Akhtar-Danesh, Patricia Austin, Fiona Brooks, Anne Childs, Cathy Crowe, Wendy Muckle, Sally Binks
McMaster University, Canada 

Presidential Leadership: What do Americans really want in their president?

Arlene Borthwick 1, April Nauman 2, Terry Stirling 2
1 National Louis University, Chicago, IL 2 Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL 

What Lies Beneath: Casting Stakeholders’ Perceptions in Rural Development Projects Evaluation, Through Q-Methodology

Virginia Gravina, Pedro de Hegedus
Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay 

The Struggle for Public Health Funding

Kevin Douglas McKinzie
Kent State University, United States 

Family Narratives Through the Eyes of an Adult Child of Divorce

Ingunn Størksen 1, Karin Liland Berner 2, Arlene Arstad Thorsen 1
1 University of Stavanger, Norway; 2Department of Early Childhood Development, Norway 

Differences Between European and Lebanese American’s Values About Marriage

Bilal M. Ghandour, Maureen Perry-Jenkins
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, United States 

Responses to Terrorism in a European Context: An Application of Q-Methodology

Catherine Sowerby
Keele University, United Kingdom 

Elves Like Me – Changing Self to “Fit In” – A Study of A Young Girl’s Struggle for Self-in-Relation

Jennifer P. Maxwell
Kent State University, United States

14:40-15:00 Break
15:00-16:40 Concurrent Sessions
Albion A Albion B
Session 10: Perceptions & Views II
Chair: Murray B. Rutherford
Session 11: Q & Communication II
Chair: Michael E. Abrams
The Use of Q-Sort Methodology to Explore Collaborative Faculty Perceptions of Nursing Scholarship

Mary Allan 1, Noori Akhtar-Danesh 2, Bobbi Biggs 1, Barbara Brown 2, Jeanette Linton 3
1 Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada; 2 McMaster University, Canada; 3 Conestoga College, Canada 

The Types of Friendship Relationships among Domestic and International College Students in the United States

Xiao Qiu, Diane Montgomery
Oklahoma State University, United States 

Perceptions of Outdoor Ethics: Utilising Q-Methodology in Leisure Research

Whitney Ward 1, Garrett Hutson 2
1 Southern Illinois University, United States; 2Brock University, Canada 

An attitudinal Q-Sort Study to Research the Job Satisfaction of Full-time, On-air Female Personalities at Selected Television Sports Departments

Hilary Bergman
Ball State University, United States 

Understanding the Blockages: Stakeholder Perceptions of Greywater Reuse in Metro Vancouver, Canada

Meaghan Hennessy, Murray B. Rutherford
Simon Fraser University, Canada 

The Tattoo as Communication Behavior in Young People

Bettye Grable, Michael E. Abrams
Florida A&M University 

Parents’ Perception and Attitude on Childhood Obesity

Noori Akhtar-Danesh 1, Mahshid Dehghan 1, Katherine Morrison 1 , Sujeewa Fonseka 2
1 McMaster University, Canada; 2 Kelso Lake Medical Centre, Canada 

How People Perceive the Online Advertisements?

Hung Kyu Kim, Joon Hwan Choi
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea 

18:00 Banquet Dinner at the Ancaster Old Mill

Saturday – October 4th, 2008

8:00-9:00 Albion A: Business Meeting
9:00-9:30 Session 13
Chair: Amanda Wolf
Professional and Policy Perspectives on Avian Influenza Within an Epistemic Community
Steven R. Brown 1, Suttini Wattanakul 2
1 Kent State University, United States; 2 Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand
9:30-10:00 Agreement Between the Q-Block and the Q-Tool
Hung Kyu Kim
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea
10:00-10:30 The Relationship of Q-Methodology to Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods
James M.M. Good 1, Steven R. Brown 2
1 Durham University, United Kingdom; 2 Kent State University, United State
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-11:30 Plenary Session 2: Evaluation of the Qmethod.org website
Amy Hogan
University of Bath, UK
11:30-1:00 Box Lunch and Networking
1:30 Bus Leaves for Niagara Falls