October 8-10, 2009

St. Louis, Missouri

Diane Montgomery (Oklahoma State) will present a basic Q workshop on Thursday afternoon for students and interested professionals. Registrants can attend the half-day pre-conference workshop without registering for the entire ISSSS conference. Fees for the half-day workshop (1-4 p.m.), presented by Dr. Montgomery (Oklahoma State), are $30 for students and $50 for faculty/professionals. The fees include afternoon refreshments. To attend please follow the instructions on the ISSSS registration form.

Dr. Montgomery’s presentation will discuss basic Q concepts involved in creating Q sorts, and she will discuss how to choose factors with factor analysis techniques generally employed by Q researchers. Her approach involves multi-media techniques and she effectively removes the mystery surrounding the selection of factors which provide insight into the questions posed by researchers. Since the workshop is open to all conference attendees, her session will have both old and new Q researchers in the audience which leads to lively discussions.

The traditional conference opening reception will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Thursday evening.

Friday morning will feature a 25th anniversary panel discussing the history of the meeting from its beginnings at the School of Journalism, University of Missouri. Both Brenner and Rob Logan, host of the Bethseda conference, will moderate the panel.

Friday night banquet keynoter will be Don Brenner, retired Univ. of Missouri journalism professor, who was a faculty colleague of William Stephenson. Brenner served as the first president of ISSSS.

On Sunday morning, interested registrants can board a bus for a two-hour trip to Columbia, Mo. to visit the house of William Stephenson and family. Our host will be Stephenson’s daughter, Mariel, who will also attend the conference along with other family members. Other activities in Columbia are in the works and with the return trip to St. Louis, registrants will be back by 6 p.m. This event will require a minimum of 20 persons to be feasible.

Thursday – October 8th, 2009

1:00 ISSSS Conference Welcome
1:15-2:30 Q Methodology Workshop
Presiding – Dr. Diane Montgomery, Oklahoma State University
2:30-2:45 Q Workshop Refreshments
2:35-4:00 Q Workshop continues
4:30-5:30 Meet members of the Operant Subjectivity Team
6:00-8:00 ISSSS Conference Reception
w/Cash Bar

Friday – October 9th, 2009

9:00-9:15 ISSSS Conference Welcome/Announcements
9:15-10:30 ISSSS History Plenary: “ISSSS’ Origins & Aspirations”
10:45-12:15 Concurrent Sessions
Session 1A Session 1B
International Communication Perspectives
Chair: John Carr
Health & Nutrition Perpectives
Chair: Noori Akhtar-Danesh
A Q-Methodological Study of Quality Communication In Organizational Leadership

John Carr
University of Technology, Sydney, AU 

A Review of the Use of Q-Methodology in Health Research

Noori Akhtar & Andrea Bauman
McMaster University, CA 

A Study on Adopting Factors of IPTV Users: Live Channels and VOC Uses

Hung Kyu Kim & Young Phil Yoon
Hankuk University, KOR 

The Type of Hope Among Korean Elderly

Keum-Sook Kim
Eulji University, KOR 

The Virtuous Communicator: Quality Communication and Character Strength and Values

John Carr
University of Technology, Sydney, AU 

Evaluation of an Online Community of Practice for Street and Outreach Nurses

Noori Akhtar-Danesh, Ruta Valaitis, Dyanne Semogas & Sally Binks
McMaster University, CA, with Fiona Brooks, University of Hertfordshire, UK 

The Impact of Visual Images on non-U.S. Citizen’ Attitudes about the United States

Olga Zatepilina & Dennis F. Kinsey
Syracuse University 

Graduate Nutrition Students Beliefs about Childhood Obesity

Norma DeVault

12:15-1:30 Enjoy Local St. Louis Luncheon Cuisine
1:30-3:00 Concurrent Sessions
Session 2A Session 2B
College Student Perspectives
Chair: April Nauman
Public Policy Perspectives
Chair: Stephen Jeffares
Satisfaction of Employers for Agricultural Graduates: Perspectives for the Future

Virginia Gravina
University of Uruguay 

Interpreting a Rural Quality of Life with Q Methodology

Stephen Jeffares, Annie Austin, Corrine Williams, and Sarah Griffith

We’re All on Differnet Pages: Multiple Perspectives of What Makes Writing ‘Good’ and Implications for Writing Instructions

April Nauman & Terry Stirling 1, and Arlene Borthwick 2
Northeastern Ill. Univ 1 and National-Louis Univ 2

The Effect of Local Climate Change Impact Information on Attitudes about Climate Change Policy

Marsha Walton & John Gowdy

An Exploration of the Subjective Understanding of the Purpose of a College Education

Larry Bass1 & Dan Thomas2
Valparaiso University1, Wartburg College,2

Collaborative Planning, Action Research, and Public Policy Decision-Making

Perry D. Gross

Perceptions of Successful College Students Toward Achievment Motivation Experiences

Angela Watson
Oklahoma State University 

Q Methodology to Measure Learning in a Stakeholder Dialogue on Bio-Energy in the Netherlands

Eefje Cuppen

3:00-3:15 Conference Refreshments
3:15-4:45 Concurrent Sessions
Session 3A Session 3B
International Perspectives
Chair: Hung Kyu Kim
Family Perspectives
Chair: Susan Corr
Relationships Between General Attitudes toward PSAs and Attitudes toward National Issue Advertisements

Hung Kyu Kim & Wonjoo Choi

A Q Methodology Study to Establish Parents’ Views of Family Support Interventions

Susan Corr
Oklahoma State University, United States 

Why People Participate in Festivals

Hung Kyu Kim & Se Jung Oh

Working with Young Children of Divorce – Daycare Staffs’ Subjective Experiences

Klara Overland

Comparing the Comparisons: Unique v. Identical Q Samples in Cross-National Research

Bedriye Aysuda Koleme

Perceptions of Need and Family Functioning

J. William Hitchcock & Diane Montgomery

The Psychological Factors of Roh Moo-Hyun Syndrome

Hung Kyu Kim & Se Jung Oh

6:30-9:30 ISSSS Awards Buffet w/cash bar
Keynote Speaker – Dr. Donal Brenner, professor emeritus, The Missouri School of Journalism

Saturday – October 10th, 2009

9:00-10:30 Concurrent Sessions
Session 4A Session 4B
Q Perspectives
Chair: James M. Good
Faith Based Perspectives
Chair: John D. Hathcoat
William Stephenson’s Self-Psychology and the Centrality of the Single Case

James M. Good

Exploring the Meaning of Pastoral Counseling

Wairimu W. Mutai

The Quantization of Subjectivity

Steven R. Brown & James C. Rhoades, Jr.

Perceptions of Adults Attending Church toward Place and Sense of Community

Sheri Worth

Lucy, the Barracuda, and the MS Patient: Exploring Alternative Ego-States in a Single Case

Dan B. Thomas

Something Old, Something New: The Faith Q Sort

David M. Wulff

Subjectivity and Meaning

Amanda Wolfe

Answering the Challenge of Measuring Personal Epistemology: A Q Method Approach

John D. Hathcoat & Diane Montgomery

10:30-10:45 Conference Refreshments
10:45-12:15 Concurrent Sessions
Session 5A Session 5B
Motivational Perspectives
Chair: Mary Waters
Methodological Perspectives
Chair: Susan Ramlo
Parental Ethnotheories of the Immigrant Parents from India

Aesha John

The Q Sort from Hell: Troublesome Data Processing Issues

Roland Arter

Perceptions of School Counselors toward Their Roles as Social Justice Educators and Advocates: A Q Method

Mary Waters & Diane Montgomery

Q Methodology: A Preexisting Paradigm in a New Age of Mixed Research Methods

Susan Ramlo & Isadore Newman

The Meaning of Motivation for At-Risk Youth

Amy Barnett & John Randall Barnett

My First Q Study Investigating Student Views about the Use of Instructional Technology and Lessons

John Nichols

Motivational Styles of Drug Court Participants

Johnny Kirk

Fantasies and Foundations of Partnership: Applications of the Q Metholodgy Approach

Stephen Jeffares

12:15-1:30 ISSSS Business Meeting w/box lunch
ISSSS President Noori Akhtar-Danesh, presiding
1:30-3:15 Concurrent Sessions
Session 6A Session 6B
Environmental Perspectives
Chair: Garrett Hutson
Political Science Perspectives
Chair: Dan B. Thomas
Percepstions of Forest Recreationists toward Nature Settings

Garrett Hutson & Diane Montgomery

What Were They Thinking? Investigating Voter Intentions & Interpretations of the Obama Victory in ’08

Dan B. Thomas & Larry Bass

Perceptions of Risks and Benefits of an Outdoor Adventure Experience

Witney Ward

Not So Black and White: Using Q Method Analysis to Determine the Perceptions of Race in Memphis, TN

Katherine Mae Wiederhold

Views on Grizzly Bear Management in the Banff-Bow Valley: A Before and After Study

Jutta Kolhi & Murray B. Rutherford

3:15-3:30 Conference Refreshments
3:30-4:45 Concurrent Sessions
Session 7A Session 7B
Media Perspectives
Chair: Michael Stricklin
Teaching Perspectives
Chair: Joseph A. Meloche
Rush Limbaugh: A Study of Political Communication

Justin Erickson, Abhay Nadipuram, & Dan B. Thomas

The Chemistry of Innovation: Using Q to Enhance Innovation Efforts in Academic Chemistry

Angela Shartrand & Ricardo Gomez

Patterns of Negative Expectations of Mass Media in a Municipal Election Campaign

Michael Stricklin, Gustavo Fortes Said, Antonio Ricardo Almeida, & L. Woods Stricklin

A Q Method Study on What Is Important for Collaborative Practices in School Classrooms

Joseph Meloche & Naoto Ogawa

Politically Correcting theMedia: Examining the Assessment of the New Yorker’s Obama Cartoon

Jason Zenor

In-Service Science Teachers Views About Learning Physics

Susan Ramlo & John Nicholas

Perceptions of Self-Efficacy Agricultural Education Student Teachers Have toward Teaching

Sheyenne Krysher