Q Bibliography: Meshaka et al. on the involvement of pregnant women in research

Meshaka, Riwa, Stephen Jeffares, Farah Sadrudin, Nicole Huisman, & Ponnusamy Saravanan (2016, February). Why do pregnant women participate in research? A patient participation investigation using Q-methodology. Health Expectations, in press. ePublication prior to print. Abstract: Patient participation in study design is paramount to design studies that are acceptable to patients. Despite an increase in research… Read More

Q workshop at health conference, July 15-17, Samos Island, Greece

Noori Akhtar-Danesh is scheduled to direct a workshop entitled “Q-methodology: Bridging between Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Health Research” at the 8th International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Health, July 15-17, Samos Island, Greece. The workshop is designed to help participants to develop an understanding of Q methodology as an emerging research method for… Read More

Van Staa et al. on care of adolescents with chronic disorders

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Askay et al. on distress among burn survivors

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Valaitis et al. on Web conferencing in the health sciences

Valaitis, Ruta, Noori Akhtar-Danesh, Kevin Eva, Anthony Levinson, and Bruce Wainman (2007). Pragmatists, positive communicators, and shy enthusiasts: Three viewpoints on Web conferencing in health sciences education. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 9(5), e39 . Abstract Background: Web conferencing is a synchronous technology that allows coordinated online audio and visual interactions with learners logged in to… Read More

Gregg et al. on substance abuse in schizophrenia

Gregg, Lynsey, Gillian Haddock, & Christine Barrowclough (2009 February). Self-reported reasons for substance use in schizophrenia: A Q methodological investigation. Mental Health and Substance Use: Dual Diagnosis, 2(1), 24-39. Abstract: Large numbers of people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia use drugs and alcohol, resulting in poorer symptomatic and functional outcomes for many. Aims: To examine… Read More