Phrarach Panyaraksee on expected and actual roles of Thai Buddhist monks

Phrarach Panyaraksee [Veeraves Pacharoen] (2010, June). Expected and actual roles of Thai Buddhist monks affecting adherents’ religiosity [in Thai]. Doctoral dissertation, Pathumthani University (Administration Development), Thailand. 219 pp. Abstract: The objectives of this research are to study (1) Buddhist adherents’ opinions about the expected and actual roles of Buddhist monks and (2) whether adherents’ satisfaction… Read More

Kubier on religious perception and beliefs

Kubier, Patrick (2010, March 10). Varieties of religious perception: A Q-methodological approach to the study of religious beliefs. MA thesis, Department of Psychology, University of Central Oklahoma. Abstract: Religion is at the heart of all cultures. Three of the most widely known religions are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. To determine if differences exist, a Q-methodology… Read More