As the current Q website undergoes a transition of webmasters and web hosts, it is timely to review the content and structure of the existing site. This way, we can see which features to maintain and what new features can be added to improve the site. It is important to build a new Q website that reflects what Q users want. In order to do this, we need your valuable feedback. By clicking on the following link, you?ll be taken to a short survey (<10 mins) in which you can rate the current Q website on content, navigation, organization and visual appeal, plus provide your comments for areas of improvement. Your input will assist in developing a new and improved Q site. Please bear with us ? the new Q site will take a few months to build and will be revealed at the Q Conference in October. In the interim, the current website will remain active. If you have any questions or additional comments, please use the following email to contact the Q Webmaster: