Q Bibliography: Palese et al. on clinical nurses’ perspectives

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Q Bibliography: Nikraftar & Jafarpour on sustainable tourism

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Q Bibliography: Chen, Chang, & Pai on effect of caring behaviors on nursing students’ thinking

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Q Bibliography: Li, Petrini, & Stone on peer tutoring in nursing simulation laboratory

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Q Bibliography: (1) Goldman on communication and self, (2) Trudel et al. on facial attraction and adoption

Irvin Goldman and Marcel Trudel et al. have authored chapters in a Brazilian volume entitled Comunicação, Identidade e Subjetividade. Of the 15 chapters, 3 are in English and 12 in Portuguese. Goldman, Irvin (2017). Some occasional notes on communication, self and subjectivity. In Gustavo Said & Monalisa Xavier (Organizers), Comunicação, identidade e subjetividade [Communication, identities… Read More

Q Bibliography: Baron, Sklarwitz, & Blanco on teachers and site-based professional development

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Q Bibliography: Everett et al. on a postern scale for infants and children

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Q Bibliography: Adams et al. on good governance under Ghana’s logging agreement

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Q Bibliography: Braito et al. on farmers’ views of soil management

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Q Bibliography: Nag, Øverland, & Nærland on coping with children with Smith-Magenis syndrome

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