Q Bibliography: Goyke & Dwivedi on forest legacy in Georgia

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Q Bibliography: Silvius & Schipper on project managers and sustainability issues

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Q Bibliography: Clark and Adams on priorities for autism research

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Q Doctoral Dissertation: Rickard on speech-language pathologists’ beliefs

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Q Doctoral Dissertation: Salas Castro on public and private partnerships in Costa Rica

Salas Castro, Álvaro A. (2018). Perceptions of public and private partnerships in Costa Rica. Doctoral dissertation (Public Administration), Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. Abstract: In this dissertation, I explore the perceptions and beliefs of decision-makers, public officials, and stakeholders engaged in transportation infrastructure policies and infrastructure public-private partnerships (IPPPs) in Costa Rica. Specifically, I use Q… Read More

Q Bibliography: Edgeley, Stasiewicz, & Hammond on research needs in natural resources

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Q Bibliography: Seymour et al. on a definition of global oral health

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Q Bibliography: Sáenz de Tejada, Santo-Tomás Muro, & Rodríguez Romero on landscape preferences

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Q Bibliography: Jensen on children in child protection work in Norway and Chile

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Q Bibliography: Qurtas & Shabila on treatment difficulties of cutaneous leishmaniasis

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