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Q Bibliography: Munno et al. on students journalists’ mindsets and truthful reporting

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Q Methodology Dissertation: Zhang on faculty professional development opportunities

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Q Bibliography: Franklin et al. on challenges facing geoscientists

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Q Bibliography: Deignan & Morton on English medium instruction for subject lecturers

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Q Doctoral Dissertation: Duffy on using photovoice to navigate social-ecological change in coastal Maine

Duffy, Kevin P. (2021, December). Using photovoice to navigate social-ecological change in coastal Maine: A case study on visibility, visuality, and visual literacy. Doctoral dissertation (Communication), University of Maine. (Open Access: https://digitalcommons.library.umaine.edu/etd/3495) Abstract: Media representations of the environment support specific cultures of viewing that can create expectations about how to observe social-ecological interactions in everyday… Read More

Q Bibliography: Liu et al. on minerals extraction for electric vehicles

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Q Bibliography: Tinch, Ankamah-Yeboah, & Armstrong on legitimacy and acceptability of environmental valuation

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