Q Bibliography: Jourdain et al. on aquatic ecosystem services bundles (preprint)

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Q Bibliography: Fredum et al. on psychotherapy dropout using the Adolescent Psychotherapy Q-Set

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Q Bibliography: Szerb, Horváth, & Szente on Hungarian agroforestry products

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Q Bibliography: Schmidt, Hausner, & Monz on adaptive capacity in the Arctic

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Q Bibliography: Mardaras et al. on antifragile philosophy in R&D projects

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Q Bibliography: Gailey & Knowles on preservice teachers’ civic education beliefs

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Q Doctoral Dissertation: Enright on educators’ views on preschool discipline

Enright, Samyalisa Anne (2019, August). Early childhood educational leaders’ views on preschool discipline using Q-methodology. Doctoral dissertation (Educational Leadership), San Francisco State University. (Access: https://scholarworks.calstate.edu/concern/theses/x633f283g) Abstract: Early childhood educational (ECE) leaders are faced with real and persistent challenges around the equity and inclusiveness of preschool disciplinary practices. During early development, the implications of decisions to… Read More

Q Bibliography: Sinnett & Sardo on metal mining landscapes in England and Wales

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Q Bibliography: Sardo & Sinnett on Q as a public engagement tool

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Q Bibliography: Di Giuseppe et al. on defensive responses to stress associated with cancer diagnosis

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