Q Bibliography: Chung & Chen on nursing education

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Q Bibliography: Babinčák & Jenčopaľová on attitudes to poverty in Slovakia

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Q Bibliography: Rust on human-carnivore conflict on Namibian livestock farms (a Q and Delphi exercise)

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Q Bibliography: Dewanti & Marhaento on conflict between the Javan leopard and community in Indonesia

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Q Bibliography: West et al. on helpful learning for clinical mental health counselors

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Q Bibliography: Lim on job esteem of airline service students

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Q Bibliography: Duan et al. on promoting concern for climate change with wildfire photographs

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Q Bibliography: Blackwatters, Kopke, & O’Mahony on priorities, consensus, and conflict in the Irish EPS/XPS market

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Q Bibliography: Xie et al. on biogas digesters in rural China

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Q Bibliography: Lee et al. on tourists’ risks from COVID-19

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