Q Bibliography: Hackert et al. on elderly views about wellbeing

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Q Bibliography: Kim et al. on health care professionals’ perceptions of the elderly

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Q Bibliography: Cousins on stormwater governance in Chicago

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Q Bibliography: Gronvik & Hauge on mentors of underperforming nursing students

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Q Bibliography: Basu, Roy, Hazra, & Pramanick on Indian youths’ perspectives on Covid-19 (preprint)

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Q Bibliography: Lawton et al. on the therapeutic alliance with persons with aphasia

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Q Bibliography: Cousins on the politics of storm water in Los Angeles

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Q Bibliography: Ciftcioglu on forest ecosystem services in Cyprus

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Q Bibliography: Fisher et al. on conservationists’ perspectives on poverty

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Q Bibliography: Hurt-Avila, Barrio Minton, & Dunbar on counselor educators’ teaching dispositions

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