Q Bibliography: Chen on life insurance consumers

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Q Bibliography: Black, Kopke, & O’Mahony on plastics litter and the Irish marine environment

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Q Bibliography: Tang et al. on patients and parents seeking orthodontic treatment

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Q Bibliography: Price, Nelson, & Macias-Konstantopoulos on health care access among human trafficking survivors

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Q Bibliography: Omerod on potable water reuse and sustainability

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Q Bibliography: Brown on Egon Brunswik and William Stephenson

Brown, Steven R. (2019, November). Perspective on Egon Brunswik: Q-method. The Brunswik Society Newsletter, 34, 35-42. (Link: http://www.brunswik.org/newsletters/2019news.pdf) This commentary on Brunswik was originally a lengthy posting on the Q-Method list almost 25 years ago (11 December 1994) and is reprinted here with only slight emendations. The essay compares the two men, born less than… Read More

Q Bibliography: Lockwood & Pyun on perceptions of hotel servicescapes

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Q Bibliography: Brouwer et al. on drinking water customers

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Q Bibliography: Vande Velde et al. on urban mangrove conservation and management (previously listed as in press)

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Q Dissertation: Alghamdi on teachers’ developmental practices in Saudi Arabia

Alghamdi, Ahlam A. (2016). Examining preschool teachers’ subjective beliefs toward developmentally appropriate practices: A Saudi Arabian perspective. Doctoral dissertation (Early Childhood Education), University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama (USA). Abstract: The purpose of the current study was to explore preschool teachers’ subjective beliefs toward developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) and developmentally inappropriate practices (DIP), as identified… Read More