Munno, Greg, Megan Craig, Alex Richards, & Mohammad Ali (2022). Student journalists exhibit different mindsets but agree on the need for truthful reporting. Media Practice and Education. (ePub in advance of print) (Link: 10.1080/25741136.2021.2015817)

Abstract: This study investigates the ethical orientations journalism students bring to the profession they seek to enter. Using Q methodology to explore the participants’ subjective conceptions of journalism, we map their attitudes and beliefs about journalistic norms and ethics. Participants (n = 54) sorted 28 statements about journalism from ‘most like’ their journalistic mindset to ‘most unlike.’ Factor analysis identified two distinct mindsets among the participants, one expressing a traditional journalistic mindset, the other embracing a more involved, vocal journalism. Yet both factors expressed strong support for many facets of traditional journalism and embraced an orientation towards the search for truth and the need for truthful reporting.

Greg Munno <> is in the Department of Magazine, News & Digital Journalism, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (USA).

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