The Q Methodology 2023 Conference brought together researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts from around the world, including the dynamic Zoom Q community. This year, Miku Lenentine, Renata Alian, Stephanie Marder, and Seth Harkins from the community captivated our audience with a standout presentation “A Study of Us: Lived Subjectivity”.

“From the Zoom Q community, we express gratitude to Mike Stricklin. His participation and unwavering engagement play a pivotal role in our commitment to advancing the Zoom Q seminar and fostering a vibrant community of Q Methodology enthusiasts.

If you’re eager to be part of this enriching experience, don’t forget that our Zoom Q Seminar takes place every Monday at 4 p.m. EST. It’s an excellent opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and explore the possibilities of Q Methodology.

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