Q Bibliography: Atika Wijaya and Offermans on sustainability perspectives in agriculture

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Q Dissertation: Antika Wijaya on sustainability standards in Indonesian agriculture

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Q Bibliography: Hanson & O’Dwyer on patriotism and nationalism

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Q Bibliography: Araral, Asquer, & Wang on regulatory constructivism

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Q Bibliography: Terblanche-Greeff et al. on time orientation, social self-construal, and climate change

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Q Bibliography: Michelle & Davis on the qualitative/quantitative divide in media research (book chapter)

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Q Bibliography: Masso, Kello, & Jakobson on state-language instruction in Russian secondary schools in Estonia

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Q Bibliography: Michelle et al. in response to Barker’s critique of their book on the Hobbit film trilogy

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Q Bibliography: Barker’s critique of Michelle et al.’s book on the Hobbit film trilogy

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Q Bibliography: Weldegiorgis & Ali on impacts of mineral resources and development in Rwanda (previously posted as in press)

Weldegiorgis, Fitsum S., & Saleem H. Ali (2016, September). Mineral resources and localised development: Q-methodology for rapid assessment of socioeconomic impacts in Rwanda. Resources Policy, 49, 1-11. (doi: 10.1016/j.resourpol.2016.03.006) Abstract: The regional impacts of large development projects often require rapid appraisal in confined geographies. Impacts have largely been studied at country level, which have often… Read More