Steven Brown has been named the recipient of the 2009 Harold Lasswell Award of the International Society of Political Psychology and will be presented with the award during the Society’s 32nd annual meeting July 14-17 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. The Lasswell Award is for “distinguished scientific contribution in the field of political psychology” and is named for Harold D. Lasswell (1902-1978), who was one of the first to apply psychology to the analysis of politics. The prize also carries an invitation to the recipient to give an address in recognition of his work at the 2010 meeting of ISPP in San Francisco. Past recipients of the award, which was initiated in 1979, have included Nathan Leites, Angus Campbell, Erik Erikson, Myres McDougal, James MacGregor Burns, Alexander George, Milton Rokeach, Robert Abelson, Robert C. Tucker, Philip E. Converse, Robert E. Lane, M. Brewster Smith, Lucian Pye, David O. Sears, Fred I. Greenstein, Robert Jervis, Jim Sidanius, David Winter, and Philip Tetlock.

Well done, Steve. William Stephenson and Professor Lasswell himself — who had in his later years been sufficiently impressed by Steve’s use of Q in pursuing lines of inquiry initiated by Lasswell to urge his own studentsteo further acquaint themselves with the methodology — would be proud indeed. For those of us familiar with your work in ISSS and ISPP, this is well served, albeit long overdue recognition of a record of exceptional quality. Bravo and congratulations!

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