On May 13th Dr. Amanda Wolf from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand visited us at the University of Stavanger, Norway and gave a talk on “Subjectivity, the researcher and the researched”. There were 15 people attending and members from all three faculties at our university were present. Unfortunately, Dr. Robin Peace, also from New Zealand, could not come as planned due to a broken foot and a sprained ankle. Hope she gets well soon!

Amanda Wolf did a wonderful job in creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere while leading us into Stephenson�s complicated concepts by using her own words and metaphors and laying the background for discussions. We were also fortunate to have Dr. Eleanor Allgood from NTNU, Norway present and giving important input into the discussions.

After the morning session our core Q-group had a meeting with Amanda and Eleanor and where Ph.D. students were given helpful suggestions to their questions and their studies. We also got an orientation of the journal Operant Subjectivity which will soon be up to date. This is very good news because the present date and publishing date have to be the same for us to get credit for our published articles. This may also be the case for universities in other countries as well.

We are very grateful to Amanda and Eleanor for their contributions. It was a day of reflection and inspiration and the participants were eager to learn more about subjectivity and Q methodology. We are all looking forward to the upcoming Norwegian Q conference 19-20th November, hosted by the University of Stavanger, and where Professor Diane Montgomery and Professor Susan Ramlo will be key-note speakers.

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