ISSSS Executive Committee July 2014 ISSSS is led by a small Executive Committee, comprising President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Advisor. All elected positions will be available from September 2014 (the Past President is a member of the Committee but is not an elected position).
Being a part of the Executive committee is an opportunity to lead the promotion of ISSSS and Q methodology, to steer the society, and to contribute to:

  • the future direction of the society;
  • the content of the website (managed by the website administrator);
  • discussions about the journal (Managed by the Editor in Chief);
  • awards and prizes;
  • the location of future conferences, and more generally
  • to be a more active ‘part of the conversation’.

Our practice over the last few years has been to conduct quarterly meetings (in person at the conference, and via Skype calls between times), with special meetings around specific topics arranged on an ad hoc basis. Elected Officers are expected to participate in meetings of the Executive Committee, and to attend annual conferences and business meetings. The current Executive Committee will administer the elections as per the society bylaws and details of positions and procedures follow.


  • All members of ISSSS are eligible for nomination to executive office and we are now calling for nominations to all positions. Self-nomination is permissible or you can nominate another society member, with their agreement. The deadline for nominations prior to the conference is Friday 15th August 2014. Nominees will also be accepted from the floor during the Business Meeting at the 2014 ISSSS Conference in Salt Lake City.
  • Nominees should provide a brief biography (no more than 250 words), describing their professional background, experience of Q methodology, and previous contributions to ISSSS. Nominations should be sent, by email, to Rachel Baker Feel free to include a photo of yourself, (or your nominee) for members’ reference.
  • According to ISSSS By Laws, Section 4. “The Executive Committee shall nominate at least one individual to fill each vacancy among the Officers of the Society. In all elections, additional nominations may be made from the membership of the Society. The Committee shall be responsible for election procedures (such as notifying Society members whether elections occur by mail or during annual conference meetings, collecting and counting votes). In the event of an office becoming vacant before a term is completed, the Executive Committee shall appoint an individual to perform the duties of that office until the next annual meeting.”
  • Elections will take place during the ISSSS Business Meeting in Salt Lake City in September 2014. Appended to this note is an excerpt from the ISSSS bylaws, detailing the role of each elected officer. If you would like to find out more please contact our current officers who will be happy to respond to emails informally. Their details are listed at the bottom of this notice.

Also consider the bylaws.