For future reference, here are some notes on what I migrated from the old

  • All content that was still hyperlinked from the websites of was migrated, including all (available) old conference programs, news items and resources.
  • The Qrefs is currently being transferred to a new, permanent home and will in the meantime be archived.
  • I also added relevant material from Peter Schmolck’s Q website  and some other Q websites.
  • The old message board will not be migrated or set up again; it was hardly used, and duplicates the Q mailing list in some ways.

I’ve also migrated old content in such a way as to prevent new link rot: whenever possible (static), old URLs should still work as expected.

The progress of migration was tracked in this (public) Google Docs.

Unfortunately, a lot of the old stuff was already gone and/or had succumbed to link-rot (pointing to websites that no longer exist), especially the entire Q archive at – it’s gone. We’re setting up this page in a way to prevent future losses like this.

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