After a lengthy delay due mainly to a change in the location of the editorial office and transfer to a new publisher, the next issue of Operant Subjectivity has just today arrived from the publisher and will hopefully be in the mail on Monday. Most subscribers should therefore receive their copies before departing for Trondheim, Norway and the annual conference of I4S. A few copies will also be available for viewing in Trondheim. Under the guidance of new Editor Amanda M. Wolf of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, the journal has a new look, including perfect binding (rather than saddle stitching) and a plastic mailing wrap that should assure that issues arrive in very good shape. This double issue (Oct 2004/Jan 2005, vol. 28, nos. 1/2, 96 pp.) contains the following articles: Amanda Wolf. From the Editor. Leonard J. Barchak. An end to ideology. William Stephenson. Theory and methodology for esthetics. Daun R. Anderson. Female executives in biotechnology: A contextual approach to understanding their work environments. Russell C. Hurd and Steven R. Brown. The future of the Q methodology movement (with commentaries by James C. Rhoads, Dennis F. Kinsey, Mark N. Popovich, Will Focht, Michael Stricklin, Philip Christman, and Kai-Hung Fang, and a response by Hurd and Brown). Editor Wolf’s new Editorial Board includes Eleanor Allgood (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway), Steven R. Brown (Managing Editor, Kent State University, USA), John Carr (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia), Ann Hooker Clarke (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA), Nancy Grudens-Schuck (Iowa State University, USA), Dragos Iliescu (DD Research, Romania), Joseph Meloche (University of Wollongong, Australia), Bryan Midgley (McPherson College, USA), Diane Montgomery (Oklahoma State University, USA), Robert Mrtek (University of Illinois, USA), James Rhoads (Westminster College, USA), Murray Rutherford (Simon Fraser University, Canada), and Paul Stenner (University of Brighton, UK). Now that the new team and publisher have gotten their first issue out, it is anticipated that others will follow in rapid order and that the production lag will be erased within the next year or so. The Journal of Human Subjectivity has also just published a new issue (Spring 2006, vol. 4, no. 1, 131 pp.) under new Executive Editor Byung S. Lee of Elon University, North Carolina, who has taken over the reins following the capable start given the journal by outgoing Editor Dennis Kinsey of Syracuse University. The new issue of JHS contains the following articles: Paul Grosswiler. Mapping the full spectrum of values: A Q-study of Chinese journalism ethics. Brenda J. Wrigley. Bumping their heads: A study of how women in public relations and communications management view variables contributing to the glass ceiling. Joo Yeon Oh and Hung Kyu Kim. Using archetypes of myths in advertising. Hyuck Joon Kwon. Preference factors in symbol mark design. Sang Hwan Jeong. Peception of social political issues in Korea: Is the liberalism-conservatism dichotomy useful? Yoo-Jeong Hur and Jun Hee Kim. Korean wave in Japanese culture. Jerilyn M. Thorman, Linnea M. Van Eman, and Diane Montgomery. Teachers’ perceptions of professional development. Judith Sylvester and Wei Zha. Stephenson and smoking: An update for today’s college students. Editor Lee’s new Board of Editors includes Eleanor Allgood (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway), Paul Grosswiler (University of Maine, USA), Russell C. Hurd (Kent State University, USA), Hung Kyu Kim (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea), Boon Han Kim (Hanyang University, Korea), Robert A. Logan (National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health, USA), Diane Montgomery (Oklahoma State University, USA), Christiane M. Page (Syracuse University, USA), Judith Sylvester (Louisiana State University, USA), and Brenda Wrigley (Syracuse University, USA).