Qmethod(.org), as any platform for an academic association has a fine line to walk: on the one hand, it must be open and inclusive, but on the other hand, especially new users may expect high quality, uncontroversial resources from I4S as a sort of canonical source for things Q.

Qmethod.org is designed to fulfil both these goals.

This policy applies only to content posted after January, 2016. Content before that date has been migrated from legacy sites and is preserved here for the historical record.

Qmethod.org as a Big Tent

On the one hand, all posts and comments by registered users and I4S members will be accepted, as long as they meet minimal standards:

  • appropriate credit and adherence to academic integrity,
  • respectful language and a
  • reasonable expectation that the content may be interesting to some community members.

Members should further use the facilities of this website as described in the documentation, and especially adhere by the suggested conventions of recognising authorship.

There is consequently no expectation that all content on this website is vetted or endorsed by I4S as also noted in the terms and conditions of use. Authors generally speak only for themselves.

Commercial offerings by I4S members are generally permitted, but may be be curtailed if deemed irrelevant, repetitive or otherwise inappropriate by the webmaster.

The community of active I4S members has several tools at its disposal to recognise valued content, and improve its visibility:

  • “Liking” content (there is a button at the bottom of most posts and pages)
  • Commenting on content (there is a comment window at the bottom of most posts and pages)
  • Additionally, the site has a “rating” facility, that is currently inactive (lest the atmosphere become unwelcoming around here).
All users are encouraged to recognise content they value by “liking” and commenting.

Qmethod.org as Canon and Curation

On the other hand, the Executive Committee of I4S, or its webmaster, will highlight canonical resources and curate valued content on this website in several places:

  • Content of pages such as those on how to use qmethod.org, or the upcoming Q conference.
  • Featured content of 2-3 pages or posts at the top of the front page, often including calls to action.
  • 3-4 “Sticky” posts, chosen among member contributions and listed along with recent posts on the front page.
  • Portfolio pages, included on the resources page, as collection of 4-8 canonical sources for Q methodology.