Mokry, Stanislav, & Ondrej Dufek (2014). Q method and its use for segmentation in tourism. Procedia: Economics and Finance, 12, 445-452.

Abstract: This paper discusses the use of Q method as a useful tool for market segmentation in tourism. Q method is classified as exploratory inductive empirical research method. For the realization of this research the web application running within the server was used. The investigation was carried out using photographic materials. This online application was created at FBE Mendel University in Brno and implements Q method to online environment using visual information. The paper comprises description of the methodology of the Q method. The aim of the research was to identify groups of users of tourism products based on their preferences in relation to the preferred type of destinations. Photographs used for research depicted various types of destinations available in the Czech Republic have been selected on the basis of a content analysis of photographic database available at CzechTourism website. Total of 63 respondents from the students of Mendel University in Brno participated in this research. According to the survey results user segments based on their preferences in relation to the preferred destination were designed. Identification data of the respondents and other qualitative data about their preferences were obtained using the complementary questionnaire. Outcomes of this survey are included in long-term research project focused on the carrying capacity of tourism destinations and preferences of visitors in relation to tourist population in destination.

Ondrej Dufek <> is with the Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic.