As a valued member of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity (ISSSS) you have now full access to the back files of Operant Subjectivity. In partnership with Erasmus University every article ever published in OS is now available for download to all current members.

While we are delighted this project, first announced back at the 2013 conference, is now complete. We are also grateful for your patience in completing what has been a mammoth undertaking.

On behalf of I4S I want to express our immense gratitude to Erasmus University, particulary the leadership of Professor Job van Exel, and his hard working colleagues Kimberley Hubens and Jasper op de Coul.

We are delighted that all Volumes are now online for you to explore. We are excited about the possibilities of the next generation of Q research gaining access to this treasure-trove of research, for new researchers to better understand William Stephenson’s methodology and to encourage researchers to send their latest Q research to OS, where it can be available to a global community of scholars.

To start browsing OS  the process couldn’t be simpler. Just head over to and sign in using the credentials circulated on the qmethod mailing list (which will remain valid until October 2016).

I imagine there will be untold treasures lurking in this back-catalogue, please post links to any gems you uncover with the rest of the I4S community on the Qmethod-List, Twitter (@Qmethod) and Facebook

Thanks again for your patience and continued support, and hope to see you at the New Orleans conference this coming September.

One thought on “Operant Subjectivity – Every Article Now Available!

  1. Hi, Stephen. I would like to have access to the articles in OS, but I only recently joined the qmethod mailing list, so I am not sure what are the “credentials circulated”. Could you guide me along, how to get these credentials? Thank you! Shuyi