Grover, Vijay Kumar (2014). Objective solution of subjective problems: Issue of methodological approach. Journal of Advanced Research in Psychology & Psychotherapy, 1(1), 10-21.

Abstract: The paper is an attempt to find an objective solution to subjective problems of behavior. It explains nature of physical and behavioral science. The nature of subject decides nature of methodology for treating a problem. ‘R’ and ‘Q’ methodologies are objective and subjective methodologies for solving a problem. This article explains the difference between the two types of methodologies, steps needed for both and their relative merits and demerits. Q methodology is actually replacement of qualitative methodology but with much more objectivity and scientific bases. Blending both R & Q methodologies can give us triangulation method of research which is the most effective. In the end, investigator justifies application of triangulation method by taking a sample example.

Vijay Kumar Grover <> is in the DAV College of Education, Abohar, Punjab, India.