Chansu Lim (2015). [Analysis of stakeholder perspectives for biofuel policy using Q-methodology in Korea]. New & Renewable Energy, 11(1), 36-48. [Korean] (doi: (Link:

Abstract: Biofuel has brought out a lot of controversy, whether the biofuel has a role of diversifying energy source and possibly reducing green-house gas or has been a cause of deforestation and famine. In this study, Q-methodology is used to investigate stakeholder’s perspectives on biofuel policy in Korea. The targeted stakeholders were biofuel/petroleum/government officials and energy policy researchers. As the result, they were classified as several representative groups such as tendency of “inevitable biofuel”, “limited supply of biofuel”, “priority on technology” and etc. The study finds out that there are several recognition types and various conflict types in biofuel policy in Korea. Through the classification of these types of recognition, the paper implies some considerations like establishing public-private, academic-industrial joint committee for biofuel policy and fostering arbitral biofuel policy groups for the government.

Chansu Lim <> is in the School of Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.