Chung, Angie, & Dennis F. Kinsey (2019, August). An examination of consumers’ subjective views that affect the favorability of organizational logos: An exploratory study using Q methodology. Corporate Reputation Review, 22(3), 89-100. (doi: 10.1057/s41299-019-00062-4) (Link:


Abstract: This study used Q methodology to uncover the different perspectives that exist regarding the factors that affect the favorability of organizational logos. Studies that have examined the factors that influence consumers’ attitudes toward logos have largely used traditional research methods based on measures that have been prespecified by the researcher(s). Q methodology takes a fundamentally different approach—it is a mixture of both qualitative and quantitative aspects of research that allows participants to speak for themselves. In this study, we used unstructured sampling of 50 logos and had 40 participants rank-order the logos from “most appealing” (+ 5) to “most unappealing” (− 5). Three different perspectives emerged from the correlation and factor analysis. The first group preferred logos with bright colors, the second group thought logos with living creatures were appealing, and the third group was attracted to logos evoking a sense of movement. The findings and implications of this Q methodology study can help managers develop more effective communication strategies using organizational logos.

Eunji Angie Chung <> is in the Department of Public Relations, Auburn University, Auburn, AL (USA). Dennis Kinsey <> is in the Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.