Hurt-Avila, Kara M., Casey A. Barrio Minton, & Edward T. Dunbar, Jr. (2020). Exploring counselor educator dispositions related to teaching. The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 13(2), art. 9. 27 pp. (Link: (Access:

Abstract: This study explores students’ preferences for counselor educator (CE) teaching dispositions. Forty-eight counselor education students completed a Q sort and answered post-sort qualitative questions. The study found four types of student preferences: a focus on experiential teaching, a focus on content and affect orientation, a focus on the educator-student relationship, and a focus on developing clinical skills. Also among the findings are a set of items that were unanimously unimportant to the participants: CE engagement in research and gatekeeping. These preferences are situated within the scholarship of teaching and learning and evidence-based practices in counselor education. Practical and research implications are shared.

Kara M Hurt-Avila <> is in the Department of Health & Human Development, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT (USA).

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