Basu, Aman, Ajishnu Roy, Amit K. Hazra, & Kousik Pramanick (2020, May). Analysis of youths’ perspective in India on and during the pandemic of Covid-19. SocArXiv. (preprint) (doi: 10.31235/ (Access:

Abstract: Around the world, almost all countries have sought to stop the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (Covid-19) by lockdown and quarantine protocols, implemented from local to the national scale. For every scientific development and policy implementation which comprehensively connects this pandemic, the event is not very sound about the extensive socioeconomic impact ushered with this disaster. In this paper, using a combined qualitative-quantitative approach, Q method, we have tried to assess the people’s discernment from different perspectives. This work was done through questionnaire survey method, during the national level lockdown 1.0 in India. We have differentiated the perception of youth respondents into 7 factors taking 6 dimensions on Covid-19 pandemic (viz. science, society, environment, economy, politics and religion). This work yielded a firsthand ground level insight on the comprehensive but diverse responses from the youths and their opinion for Covid-19 pandemic in India. We are hopeful that this work might open new avenues to understand the people-Covid-19 connection, both for future research and policy implementation.

Ajishnu Roy <> is in the Integrative Biology Research Unit, Department of Life Sciences, Presidency University, Kolkata, India.

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