Kim, Yu Cheon (2020, May). 관리자 코칭에 대한 지속가능성 연구 [Review of sustainability of managerial coaching]. Asia Counseling and Coaching Research, 1(1), 1-14. [Korean] (doi: 10.47018/accr.2020.1.1.1) (Link:

English Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore the results of previous studies on managerial coaching behavior. The research method used the literature review method in exploratory research. In this study, first, the coaching behavior of managers was defined, the main elements of manager coaching behaviors were identified, and the results of manager coaching behaviors were discussed. For this purpose, the manager coaching concept, manager coaching composition dimension, and measurement were reviewed through theoretical review of manager coaching. Second, managers’ coaching sustainability was reviewed. For this, the conceptual, process, priorities, skills and behaviors, subordinates, mediating and moderating effects of manager coaching were reviewed.. This study intends to make the following suggestions despite the limitations. First, analysis from various aspects is necessary. Second, research on internal aspects of manager coaching is necessary for the sustainability of manager coaching. Third, research considering the environmental factors of managers is necessary. Fourth, research on subjectivity (Q methodology) is necessary for coaching of managers.

Yu Cheon Kim <> is in the Department of Social Welfare, Baekseok Culture University, Chungnam, South Korea.

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