Kim, Dugyu, & Jaemu Lee (2020, June). Analyzing college students’ perception of quality computer class. Journal of the Korean Association of Information Education, 24(3), 225-232. [Korean] (Link:

English Abstract: This study is to clarify how college students think about quality computer classes. Q methodology is applied to extract the subjective thinking of college students. After extracting the statements through students’ interviews and advanced study, the 54 Q samples were selected. The P sample consisted of 50 college students. They performed Q sort against the Q sample questionnaire. The Q sort results were analyzed by performing QUANL program. As a result of the analysis, four types of perceptions of quality computer classes based on college students’ ideas were extracted. There were no differences between male and female students, but there was a clear difference between general college and teacher’s college students by type. The types were divided into four categories which we named as follows: <Type 1> is ‘Value change-oriented class through creative problem-solving’. <Type 2> is ‘Improving computer application skills through the learner’s competition’, <Type 3> is ‘Improving advanced computer technology with programming skills’ and <Type 4> is ‘Learner centered pleasant class’.

Dugyu Kim <> is with the Busan Gwangil Elementary School; and Jaemu Lee <jmlee> is at the Busan National University of Education, Busan, Korea.

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