Lim-Ratnam, Christina Tong Li, Lee Yong Tay, Jing Yi Tan, Monica Woei Ling Ong, & Thaslim Begum Aiyoob (2022, January). Applying Q methodology to understand priorities in profiles of teacher reflections. Teaching and Teacher Education, 109, art. 103535. (Link:

Abstract: This study demonstrates the use of Q methodology as a suitable approach to distinguish salient groups of reflections, giving insights to what the teacher participants prioritize. Revealing priorities may help identify teachers’ core concerns, and what practical and professional knowledge could help them in their daily practice. Core concerns of the teacher participants uncovered in this study were: the needs of learners, the nature of mathematics, and activities that are pedagogically appropriate. A discriminating factor among the three profiles had to do with whether the teachers were teaching in primary or secondary schools.

Christina Tong Li Lim-Ratnam <> is with the Teaching and Learning Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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