Lee, Jae-seob, Daewon Kim, & Min-Kyu Lee (2018, September). Q방법론을 활용한 VR 뉴스에 대한 영상기자들의 인식 연구 [Video-journalists’ perception for VR news : Based on Q methodology]. 사이버커뮤니케이션 학보 제35권 제3호 [Cyber ​​Communication Gazette: Journal of Cybercommunication Academic Society], 35(3), 51-114. (Korean) (doi: 10.36494/JCAS.2018.

Abstract (via Google Translate): This study explored the perception types of broadcasters video reporters on VR news by using the Q methodology. As a result of the study, video reporters’ perceptions of VR news were found to be of two types. The first type is ‘Gyereuk-type’, which preferentially recognizes the limitations of VR news. This type had an overall negative perception of the present and future of VR news. The second type is the ‘gold-up-forward type’, which emphasizes the utility and possibility of VR news. This type showed an overall positive perception of VR news. The two types showed similar perceptions about the importance of VR news production and VR news producers, and showed differences in perceptions of attributes such as effectiveness, immersion, and news value of VR news. On the other hand, more specific and diverse types of recognition were shown depending on the experience of VR news production and the attitude toward VR news production. This study has academic significance as a result of exploring the possibilities and limitations of VR news from the perspective of a news producer.

Dae-won Kim <egofree@gmail.com> is affiliated with Kakao Corporation, Jeju City, Korea.

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