Doygun, Hakan, Dilay Zülkadiroğlu, & Ilgaz Ekşi (2021, December). Başkonuş Mesire Yeri’nden (Kahramanmaraş) Sağlanan Ekosistem Hizmetlerine Yönelik Algının İncelenmesi [Investigation of perception towards ecosystem services provided from Başkonuş Recreation Area (Kahramanmaraş)]. Çukurova Journal of Agricultural and Food Sciences, 36(2), 219-230. (Turkish) (Link:

Abstract (via Google Translate): With this study, it is aimed to examine the perception of ecosystem services provided from Başkonuş recreational area (Kahramanmaraş) with the help of Q methodology. As a result of the evaluations made by the participants, two perspectives emerged, one focused on conservation and the other focused on naturalness. The majority of the participants mentioned the positive effects of the promenade on the comfort of life, but they also stated that recreational activities, which can sometimes intensify, negatively affect the tranquility and natural environment. In this regard, It is recommended to avoid structural arrangements as much as possible in order to calculate the visitor carrying capacity of the promenade, to limit recreational uses and to keep the area in its natural shape. It is expected that the results obtained from the study will contribute to the practices to be carried out at the promenade and to the literature on Q methodology and ecosystem services.

Hakan Doygun <> is a member of the Faculty of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture, Izmir Democracy University, Izmir, Turkey.