Le Roux, C., & Charmaine du Plessis (2014). An exploratory Q study of corporate brand identity elements governing corporate brand image formation. Southern African Business Review, 18(3), 119-141.

Abstract: Because of the growing demands on businesses to distinguish themselves from competitors, corporate brand identity and image are considered to be fundamental in enhancing the visibility and credibility of a business. This study identified the perceptions of South African businesses across various industries of corporate brand identity elements that govern corporate brand image formation. In doing so, a theoretical perspective was adopted that borrows from both marketing communication and corporate communication theories. Firstly, the corporate brand identity elements deemed significant in corporate brand image formation were identified from earlier literature and research. Secondly, Q methodology was used to categorise the variety and span of subjective opinion on those corporate identity elements deemed significant for corporate brand image formation. Finally, the dominant perceptions of the factors that govern corporate brand image formation were isolated through Q factor analysis. Seven richly diverse factors were derived, reflecting the most salient perceptions on the topic, namely trustworthiness of the brand, creative marketing, effective management and administration, stability through business innovation, customer satisfaction, effective integrated communication and strategic positioning of the brand.

C le Roux <cleroux> and Charmaine du Plessis <charmaineduplessisunisa> are in the Department of Communication Science, University of South Africa, Pretoria.

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