Ibrahimi, Silva, Eglantina Dervishi, Valbona Muca, & Marije Dobra (2018, January). Psychodynamic prototype through personality organization chart of educational leaders. Anthropological Researches and Studies, No. 8, 125-133. (Link: http://doi.org/10.26758/8.1.12)


Objectives.The present study aims to explore the problematic situation of Personality Organization and Behavioral Tendency in the target group of school leaders and to highlight the need of a qualitative change and organizational structures of the preventive evaluation of mental health in school. We aim to describe the utility of a novel Mental Health Taxonomy as the Psychodynamic Manual as an overall taxonomy rather than the DSM or ICD. Material and methods.The research was conducted through the interweaving of literature with the context operationalization. In its initial phase of the study, we considered a wide range of classic literature and contemporary updates on elements of human personality, maladaptive or adaptive structures, educational leadership and their typologies. Through a quantitative and qualitative methodology as Q methodology, we reached to fulfill the presented aims and goals. Supporting instruments for the operationalization of the method were: Psychodiagnostic Chart, Mental Functional Level Questionnaire, Object Relations Inventory and the Functional Assessment of Ego. Results. The study showed that there is not only a strong positive relationship between Pathogenic Beliefs and Personality Organization (but also that teachers and school principals display increasing symptoms of "maladaptive behavioral tendency". Leaders with high levels of Neurotic Personality Organization, which has the highest frequency in the factor weight of the mental component have also higher chances for coercive behavior than leaders with Borderline Personality Organization. Results were analyzed with PQMethod software processor. Conclusions.At the end of the article, we outline some suggestions for formation of a structured based assessment of psychological problems supporting leaders in schools, the function role style and leadership in supporting education and health.

Silva Ibrahimi <silva.ibrahimi@yahoo.it> is in the Department of Psychology, Albanian University, Tirana, Albania.

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