Stickl, Jaimie E., Kelly L. Wester, & Carrie A. Wachter Morris (2018). Making sense of subjectivity: Q methodology in counseling research. Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation. (ePub in advance of print). (doi: 10.1080/21501378.2017.1419425) (Link:

Abstract: Q Methodology is a research method that focuses on systematically exploring individuals’ subjective viewpoints. Q methodology contains both quantitative and qualitative components and involves the exploration of an individual’s internal and subjective viewpoints, opinions, and attitudes, proving to be particularly relevant for counselors who are interested in human thoughts and behaviors. This article outlines the philosophical roots of Q methodology, along with the practical steps of implementing a Q study. An overview of the potential uses of Q methodology in counseling research and practice is provided.

Jaimie E Stickl <> is in the Office of College and Career Readiness, Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO (USA).

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