Grover, Vijay Kumar (2013, September). Q-methodology: An objective technique for handling subjective issues in educational research. Review of Research, 2(12), 1-5. (Link:

Abstract: With the trend of innovative methods and giving due importance to subjective issues in educational research, people have started looking for the constructs of subjective terms, like education, quality education, teacher effectiveness, teacher behavior, and the like. It is now being thought that dealing with such problems using quantitative or qualitative research methods does not produce acceptable results. Q-methodology is a combination of the two, thus can be termed a triangulation method. It combines the virtues of both quantitative as well as qualitative methods of research. This paper explains theory as well as provides an illustration of the application of Q-methodology. At the same time, it compares Q-methodology with R-methodology. It attempts to evaluate the utility of Q methodology in solving subjective educational problems, thus emphasizing its heuristic nature.

Vijay Kumar Grover <> is in the DAV College of Education, Abohar, Punjab, India.

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