Davis, Charles H. (2018, November 24). Bibliography of Q methodology in audience research. (Accessible: https://people.ryerson.ca/c5davis/Q-studies-of-audiences.pdf)

Davis has performed the valuable service of accumulating and entering into a single document more than 300 references to articles, chapters, and other publications bearing on the broad category of “audience” in relation to “communication events.” As he says in an introductory paragraph:

This bibliography covers English-language Q-methodology research literature on the responses of ‘audiences’ to messages or other communication events. It defines the audience broadly to include familiar roles of reader, spectator, listener, citizen, and viewer, as well as the newer or adjacent audience roles of observer, user, visitor, customer, consumer, player, traveler, and prosumer. The emphasis is on subjective interpretation of messages, especially mediated messages, and on associated meaning-making. Included are journal articles, books, book chapters, reports, and papers presented at conferences, but not theses, dissertations, or blog posts.

The current version of the bibliography is apt to evolve through time as overlooked and new titles are added, so those stricken with bibliomania are encouraged to return to the URL above from time to time to retrieve the most up-to-date list.

Our great thanks to Charles Davis for expending his time and energy on this project on our behalf. May it serve as a model and inspiration for others to follow suit vis-à-vis their own favorite topics.

Charles H Davis <c5davis@ryerson.ca> is on the Faculty of Communication & Design, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

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