Cho, Jin-Hui, & Yun-Jeong Kim (2015, January). A study on the subjectivity about RN-BSN (Registered Nurse-Bachelor Science of Nursing) student’s resilience. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 8(Supp. 1), 283-292. (doi: 10.17485/ijst/2015/v8iS1/59259) (Access:

Abstract: Background/Objectives: This research studied students in RN-BSN to look at their subjectivity on resilience types through the subjectivity methodology (Q-methodology) and explain the characteristics of resilience. Methods/Statistical analysis: For the Q population, 12 nursing students at a university located in D city were selected, and an in-depth interview and literature review were used to select 34 Q samples for Q-sort. P-sample was made with 43 RN-BSN and Q-sort was performed on a 9-point scale according to their subjective agreement. The analysis by PC-QUNAL program resulted in four types. Results: The result of this study showed 57.33% of total variance, with 25 people (58.14%) of Type 1, positive self-satisfaction, 10 (23.26% of Type 2, situation-overcoming problem-solving, and 9 (20.93%) of Type 3, self-determination. Conclusion/Application: As the result of this study suggests, based on classification of resilience of nursing students, intervention program for nursing students will need to be developed and different, individualised intervention strategies provided.

Yun-Jeong Kim <yunkim> is in the Department of Nursing, Pai Chai University, Daejeon, South Korea.

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