Kim, Eun Young, Ye-Na Lee, & Sung Ok Chang (2018, July/August). Exploring subjective frames of patients on hemodialysis on acquiring resilience: A Q methodology study. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 45(4), 357-369.

Abstract: This study explored subjectivity frames of reference of resilience of patients on hemodialysis by using Q methodology. Participants included 35 patients on hemodialysis. Data were obtained from October to December 2016 and were analyzed by the PQ method. Five factors were identified: 1) finding the value of life by focusing on the meaning of a new life through hemodialysis, 2) compromising actively with the situation of hemodialysis, 3) internalizing sadness and emphasizing the meaning of life itself, 4) finding a support system to help overcome hemodialysis, and 5) building the will to live by getting strength from family. The common theme of the five factors was overcoming hemodialysis and moving forward with their lives. This study can help nurses understand the resilience of patients on hemodialysis and presents strategies that can be used to develop an intervention program to improve the resilience of patients on hemodialysis.

Sung Ok Chang <> is in the College of Nursing, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea.