Zimbroff, Andrew, & Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen (2020, November, in press). An assessment of young adult perceptions towards entrepreneurship in Bangladesh using a mixed methods approach. International Journal of Entrepreneurship, 23(4). (ePub in advance of print) (Link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/341597902_AN_ASSESSMENT_OF_YOUNG_ADULT_PERCEPTIONS_TOWARDS_ENTREPRENEURSHIP_IN_BANGLADESH_USING_A_MIXED_METHODS_APPROACH)

Abstract: Increased small business creation represents a promising opportunity for new economic growth within Bangladesh, a developing economy currently dominated by agriculture and export manufacturing. While past research has looked into traits important for entrepreneurship, there are many gaps in the literature for Bangladesh specifically. Further, the limited research that is available has focused primarily on quantitative metrics, and largely overlooked perceptions towards entrepreneurship, despite the impact these attitudes can have on entrepreneurial activity. In this study, we aimed to better understand subjective perceptions of entrepreneurship for young adults (aged 18-40) in Bangladesh. We used focus groups and surveys with current and aspiring entrepreneurs to better understand self-identified needs for increased business creation. Results from these efforts were then used to construct statements used for a Q sort, which was completed by 27 current and aspiring entrepreneurs. Analysis of these Q sorts identified four distinct profiles (factors) representing different viewpoints young adults have towards entrepreneurship in their local communities. Results from the Q analysis provide further insights on young adult entrepreneurs’ views and how to better assist these entrepreneurs for future economic growth.

Andrew Zimbroff <zimbroff@unl.edu> is in the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design, College of Education and Human Sciences, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Lincoln, NE (USA).