Rhoads, James C., Jamie Chapman, & Susan Ramlo (in press). Using Q methodology in criminal justice studies: Exploring attitudes toward the relationship between mental health and incarceration. Sage Research Methods Cases [online]. London: Sage.

Abstract: Q methodology is a comprehensive set of techniques, analysis, and methodological principles that permit the scientific study of subjectivity, and has become increasingly popular to students in all of the human sciences. Dryzek & Holmes refer to Q methodology as “the best developed paradigm for the investigation of human subjectivity” (2002, p. 20). In this case study, readers will learn the basic elements of conducting research using Q methodology, as well as a case study application of Q, in the area of Criminal Justice Studies, to explore attitudes toward the interaction of mental health and incarceration.

James C Rhoads <jrhoads@westminster.edu> is in the Department of Political Science, Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA (USA).

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