Park, Jin Hong, & Hyun Ah Seo (2018). 예비유아교사의 교육실습에 대한 인식유형연구 – Q 방법론적 접근 – [A study on the styles of pre-service early childhood teacher’s perception of educational practices: Q methodological approach]. 생태유아교육연구 [Journal of Ecological Early Childhood Education & Care], 17(1), 75-98. (Korean) (doi: 10.30761/ecoece.2018.17.1.75) (Open Access:

English Abstract: This study aims to provide university institutions and educational practice institutions with basic data on the subjective perceptions of pre-kindergarten teachers’ subjective perceptions of educational practice by examining the types and characteristics of pre-kindergarten teachers’ perceptions of educational practice by using Q-methodology. Accordingly, the literature and previous studies on educational practice were reviewed, and the final 40 Q-samples were selected by categorizing and analyzing 742 statements answered through the open-ended questionnaire of 245 pre-school teachers. The selected Q-sample was Q-classified by 44 preschool teachers in 9 steps, and the classified data was analyzed using the QUANL program. As a result, pre-kindergarten teachers’ perception of the teaching personality was classified into four types, and each type was classified into ‘theory application type’, ‘career worries and opportunities type’, ‘growth type as new learning’, and ‘preparation as a teacher’. The four types of images of educational practice revealed in this study show both positive and negative influences, but it shows that various images of educational practice are understood.

Hyun Ah Seo <> is in the Department of Early Childhood Education, Kyungsung University, Busan, Korean.