Lafferty, Moira E. (2021, December). The views of the few or the voices of many: Methods of exploring leadership roles through alternative approaches within higher education. In Denise Mifsud (Ed.), Narratives of educational leadership: Representing research via creative analytic practices (Educational Leadership Theory series, pp. 179-198, Chap 8). Singapore: Springer Nature. (Link:

Abstract: In the following chapter, I begin by discussing the changing landscape in higher education and argue why “leadership” is an important part of every academic’s journey. I discuss why we need to challenge traditional views of leadership and critically how we need to explore individuals’ views and reflections on their own leadership journeys. Furthermore, I will critically reflect on how we need to adopt different research methods to allow leadership journeys to emerge with a focus on the use of Q-methodology and why such approaches allow not only the emergence of understanding but can serve a dual purpose and contribute not only to a global understanding but also an individual’s personal development.

Moira E Lafferty <> is in the School of Psychology, University of Chester, Chester, UK.