Jenks, Viveka E. (2022). An examination of the relationships between self-regulated learning, a pre-matriculation program, and academic performance on a podiatric medicine mock national board exam. Doctoral dissertation (Higher Education Administration), Kent State University, Kent, OH.

Abstract: The high-stakes nature of national board exams in podiatric medical education calls for robust studies about student preparation and the strategies that correlate most with academic performance. Curricular and co-curricular programming can boost students’ self-regulated learning aptitude and national board exam pass rates. The purpose of this mixed-methods study is to explore self-regulated learning in podiatric medical students in the context of their preparation for the APMLE-Part I exam and participation in a pre-matriculation program. This analysis was achieved using both quantitative techniques and Q methodology.

Quantitative data was collected through 30 second-year students who completed a Likert-type survey and a Q sort. Academic performance was measured by the scores on the mock board exam, which simulates and highly correlates with the APMLE-Part I exam outcomes. Pearson’s correlation was used to determine which characteristics are associated with academic performance. The Independent Samples t-test was used to determine differences in pre-matriculation and non-prematriculation students. Q sort data was analyzed through factor analysis. There were significant positive correlations between exam scores and intrinsic goal orientation, extrinsic goal orientation, control of learning beliefs, and self-efficacy. Significant negative correlations were found between exam scores and the rehearsal and help-seeking subscales. Three factors emerged during the Q sort. Factor one displayed consistency and confidence. Factor two described determined learners who preferred to study alone. Factor three described social learners yet demonstrated test anxiety. The findings identified characteristics of learners that can be used to implement and refine co-curricular programming.

Viveka E Jenks <> is Educational Innovations & Learning Design Manager, College of Podiatric Medicine, Kent State University, Independence, OH.