Five-Day Workshop on Q Methodology, May 24-28, Kent State University

Q Methodology in Assessment and Research The purpose of this workshop is to introduce statistical and methodological principles associated with the use of Q method in assessment and research, and to locate Q methodology in the framework of contemporary science. Attention will focus on factor-analytic and epistemological foundations followed by illustrative applications. Required text: Q… Read More

Short Course on Q Methodology, May 11-12, University of Birmingham, UK

Q Methodology – A Systematic Approach for Interpretive Research Design 11-12 May 2010, University of Birmingham, UK May 11, Room 109, Muirhead Tower / 12 May, Learning Centre Computer Cluster UG31 Course Convenor: Stephen Jeffares <> Module Outline: This module provides research students with a comprehensive introduction to Q methodology. Q methodology is a set of… Read More

Q Methodology paper presented at the Eastern Educational Research Association Meeting

Ramlo, S. (2010, February). Applications of Q Methodology in Higher Education. Paper presented at the Eastern Educational Research Association, Savannah, GA. ABSTRACT: William Stephenson specifically developed Q methodology, or Q, as a means of measuring subjectivity (Brown, 1980, 2008; McKeown & Thomas, 1988; Stephenson, 1953). Q has been used to determine perspectives / views in… Read More

Norwegian Q Conference

The first Norwegian Q conference is scheduled for November 19-20 in the Clarion Hotel, Stavanger. Co-sponsored by the University of Stavanger and the Norwegian Research Council, the conference will be keynoted by Diane Montgomery (Oklahoma State University, USA) and Susan Ramlo (@sramlo, Akron University, USA). The conference is designed in part to promote the use… Read More

An inspiring Q-event

On May 13th Dr. Amanda Wolf from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand visited us at the University of Stavanger, Norway and gave a talk on “Subjectivity, the researcher and the researched”. There were 15 people attending and members from all three faculties at our university were present. Unfortunately, Dr. Robin Peace, also from New… Read More

International Q Symposium at Oklahoma State University

The International Q Symposium at Oklahoma State University (Stillwater) was by all accounts a resounding success. The Symposium was held Friday, March 27 and was sponsored by the Oklahoma State College of Education and organized by Diane M Montgomery. Opening remarks were given by Associate Dean Steve Edwards. Approximately 80 persons attended the poster session, which… Read More

OSU Q Symposium

School of Applied Health and Educational Psychology to Host Q Symposium March 27 2009 The School of Applied Health and Educational Psychology (SAHEP) would once again like to invite the Q Listserv community to attend an International Q Methodology Symposium on Friday, March 27, 2009. It is our intent to bring together innovative interdisciplinary researchers… Read More

Q Methodology Workshop at the University of Leeds

On Monday 23rd June, the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences hosted a workshop entitled “Q Methodology in Health Research” which was led by Job van Exel from the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and attended by 24 researchers from around the UK. The workshop included a presentation of some of the research carried out… Read More