Migration From Legacy Qmethod.org

For future reference, here are some notes on what I migrated from the old qmethod.org. All content that was still hyperlinked from the websites of qmethod.org was migrated, including all (available) old conference programs, news items and resources. The Qrefs is currently being transferred to a new, permanent home and will in the meantime be… Read More

Why We Built This Website (the Way we Did)

When we set out to rebuild qmethod.org from scratch, we knew it had to be more than just a website: qmethod.org should serve as a repository of resources on all things Q (now all migrated from the old website). qmethod.org should serve as a social network for the Q community, offering facilities for debate and interaction. qmethod.org should serve… Read More

Loadings-based Factor-Retention Criteria and Some (New) Alternatives

It seems to me that while q-specific, Humphrey’s rule and the >2 sig. factor rule are problematic to decide on the number of retained factors, because they depend on loadings, which are available only later in the procedure and dependent on the rotation method. Instead, I suggest an additional q-specific approach, based on changes in communalities and residual correlation matrices between factor models in question. Read More

Education credit workshops for Summer 2011

Q Methodology in Assessment and Research The purpose of this workshop is to introduce statistical and methodological principles associated with the use of Q method in assessment and research, and to locate Q methodology in the framework of contemporary science. Attention will focus on factor-analytic and epistemological foundations followed by illustrative applications. Required text: Q… Read More

Q workshop at health conference, July 15-17, Samos Island, Greece

Noori Akhtar-Danesh is scheduled to direct a workshop entitled “Q-methodology: Bridging between Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Health Research” at the 8th International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Health, July 15-17, Samos Island, Greece. The workshop is designed to help participants to develop an understanding of Q methodology as an emerging research method for… Read More