Professor Wendy Stainton Rogers presented two seminars as a Distinguished Visitor of the BRCSS network in New Zealand

Earlier this year, Prof Wendy Stainton Rogers visited New Zealand. While here, she presented two seminars as a Distinguished Visitor of the BRCSS network. BRCSS (pronounced ‘bricks’) stands for Building Research Capability in the Social Sciences. It is an innovative initiative of the New Zealand government. As a network of social scientists at all eight… Read More

The University of Illinois at Chicago is offering an online three graduate hour Q-Methodology course

The University of Illinois at Chicago is offering an online three graduate hour Q-Methodology course starting this Fall semester. The course will allow the professional and/or the busy graduate student to learn Q over an eight week time span. To register for the course, please apply for admission to the graduate college at The course… Read More

Q methodology at the July 2010 conference of the International Society of Political Psychology

The program chair for the 33rd annual conference of the International Society of Political Psychology (July 7-10, San Francisco) has announced acceptance of the following three conference events involving Q methodology: Panel: Reintroducing Q Methodology Abstract: Q methodology was innovated in the 1930s and its main principles and procedures, largely of a technical and statistical… Read More

Q Methodology’s 75th Birthday

On June 28, 1935, William Stephenson penned the following letter to the Editor of the British science journal Nature, thus initiating the development that has come to be known as Q methodology. The letter eventually appeared in the 24 August 1935 issue of Nature (p. 297). Technique of Factor Analysis Factor analysis is a subject upon… Read More

2010 Summer Workshop on Q Methodology in Assessment and Research

Workshop participants (from the left in the image): Jane Blank, University of Phoenix, healthcare administration; Ingunn Storksen, University of Stavanger (Norway), psychology; Thomas Lennon, Kent State University, counseling; Steven Brown, Kent State University, political science; Lok Subba, University of Stavanger, educational psychology; Heidi Larew, Kent State University, counseling; Kristin Bruns, Kent State University, counseling; Peter… Read More

Five-Day Workshop on Q Methodology, May 24-28, Kent State University

Q Methodology in Assessment and Research The purpose of this workshop is to introduce statistical and methodological principles associated with the use of Q method in assessment and research, and to locate Q methodology in the framework of contemporary science. Attention will focus on factor-analytic and epistemological foundations followed by illustrative applications. Required text: Q… Read More

Short Course on Q Methodology, May 11-12, University of Birmingham, UK

Q Methodology – A Systematic Approach for Interpretive Research Design 11-12 May 2010, University of Birmingham, UK May 11, Room 109, Muirhead Tower / 12 May, Learning Centre Computer Cluster UG31 Course Convenor: Stephen Jeffares <> Module Outline: This module provides research students with a comprehensive introduction to Q methodology. Q methodology is a set of… Read More

Q Methodology paper presented at the Eastern Educational Research Association Meeting

Ramlo, S. (2010, February). Applications of Q Methodology in Higher Education. Paper presented at the Eastern Educational Research Association, Savannah, GA. ABSTRACT: William Stephenson specifically developed Q methodology, or Q, as a means of measuring subjectivity (Brown, 1980, 2008; McKeown & Thomas, 1988; Stephenson, 1953). Q has been used to determine perspectives / views in… Read More