Borth, Kurt, & Robert Summers (2018). Segmentation of homebuyers by location choice preferences. Housing Policy Debate, 28(3), 428-442. (Link:

Abstract: Edmonton, Alberta, has been experiencing rapid population growth and its associated housing pressures for the past decade. Municipalities like Edmonton are attempting to promote compact, transit-oriented, and infill housing development with policy while accommodating large increases in a population that may demand traditional suburban housing options. This article examined homebuyers’ opinions and preferences regarding their home location choice and found three distinct segments of homebuyers. These segments were established using a Q methodology to group homebuyers by their shared opinions as opposed to traditional sociodemographic or socioeconomic variables. These groups illustrate different perspectives regarding the everyday transportation choices, home attributes, and neighborhood predilections that comprise a home location choice. The identification of these groups of homebuyers provides insights for municipalities attempting to attract and retain citizens in redeveloped housing areas and assists to dissuade greenfield sprawling development.

Kurt Borth <> is in the Department of Human Geography and Planning, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

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