Stephenson Archive Moved to the Center for the History of Psychology (CHP) at U Akron

The content of William Stephenson’s study, including various books and artifacts, have now been moved to the Drs. Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Center for the History of Psychology (CCHP) at The University of Akron, OH, where they are awaiting processing. The CCHP began as an America-only enterprise largely funded through grants, but it has since… Read More

Q Methodology’s 75th Birthday

On June 28, 1935, William Stephenson penned the following letter to the Editor of the British science journal Nature, thus initiating the development that has come to be known as Q methodology. The letter eventually appeared in the 24 August 1935 issue of Nature (p. 297). Technique of Factor Analysis Factor analysis is a subject upon… Read More

Stephenson’s naming of the Studebaker Lark

Discussion of Stephenson’s naming of the Studebaker Lark is in his “Homo ludens: The play theory of advertising,” Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Economiche e Commerciali, 1979, 26(7), 634-653, which is hard to find and could be scanned and made available were there interest. Contact Steven Brown for more information.

William Stephenson’s 106th anniversary

May 14th, 2008 will mark the 106th anniversary of William Stephenson’s birth: 14 May 1902. O.L. Zagwell, Lawrence Kohlberg, & Donald J. Brenner, Introduction: William Stephenson, Science, Psychology, and Communication: Essays honoring William Stephenson, ed. Steven R. Brown and Donald J. Brenner. (New York: Teachers College Press, 1972) ix-xxv